Instead of the seven of algebra’s one: what basic tutorials

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For the new school year, preparing not only children and parents but also schools. According to the instructions of the President, until the end of August the Ministry of education should promulgate a new Federal list of textbooks. The previous one was approved in 2014 for a period of three years.

It is already known that the current list of books will be much less. Not far is the day when one of tutorials will introduce all the subjects, as has already happened with the benefit of history.

Meanwhile, the school has purchased educational literature in the spring. Now parents worry that in a year it may already be out of date. Teachers, in turn, fear that the unification of the textbooks will exclude an individual approach to children with different levels of training.

The RIA Novosti correspondent talked to the experts and teachers, who have dispelled these fears.

In the new list of textbooks radical changes should not wait, because the content of the original standard has not changed, — said Elena Nizienko, the Chairman of the Committee on academic literature and interaction with the education system of the Russian book Union, the first Vice-President of publishing house «Prosveschenie».

«I watched the draft standards, I don’t know how they will come out eventually, but the project that was not includes radical differences. There is no new binomial theorem, so you don’t have to rewrite the textbooks completely. The school has already purchased the literature for the new school year, so September 1 all of them will come and begin to work quietly. The teacher is quite flexible: if there will be something new they can with what they have on hand, some new material to find and to tell the children,» — said the expert.

Another important aspect is manuals and workbooks, which the modern teachers of statistics use more than textbooks. Similar benefits in the Federal list are not included, and therefore, the teacher will choose, — tells Artem Soloveichik, Vice-President, strategic communications and development Corporation «Russian textbook.»

«There is no power and strength to take all the textbooks and replace. In fact, the teacher is the bearer of the techniques that he teaches, in this sense, the textbook is a strong support for him, but is not defined. Manuals and notebooks support the teacher in his work with students,» — said Soloveichik.

Experts agree that whatever fate was waiting for school textbooks in the teaching of almost all depends on the personality of the teacher and his preparation level.