Media reported about the first victims of the hurricane «Harvey» in Texas

© REUTERS / agrees Latifah LatifУраган Harvey near the city of Corpus Christi , Texas, USA. 25 August 2017Media reported about the first victims of the hurricane «Harvey» in Texas© REUTERS / agrees Latifah Latif

At least 10 people were injured in the us city of Rockport (Texas) because of the powerful hurricane «Harvey», according to ABC.

JUST IN: At least 10 people being treated for injuries in Rockport, Texas; multiple buildings damaged, city manager tells @ABC. #Harvey

— ABC News (@ABC) August 26, 2017

The advent of powerful since «Katrina» the hurricane «Harvey», which was formed and gained strength in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. government was prepared for several days.

Residents of areas that could be at the epicenter of the disaster, evacuated, others had a briefing of safety.

President trump via Twitter several times asked the citizens to remember their safety and to follow the instructions of the authorities.

The disaster has hit the coastal areas of Texas on the night of 26 August. In the center of the hurricane gusts of wind reach 215 kilometers per hour. The district declared a state of disaster.