More than 1.5 thousand people extinguish wildfires in the Volgograd region

© Fotolia / WellphotoПожарные work at the scene. Archival photoMore than 1.5 thousand people extinguish wildfires in the Volgograd region© Fotolia / Wellphoto

Over 1.5 thousand people and 350 units of equipment are working on the localization of steppe fires in the three districts of the Volgograd region, told reporters the Governor Andrei Bocharov.

«In the works on localization of fires in Dubovskoye’kyi and Ilovlinsky districts involved more than 350 units, more than 1.5 thousand people», — said the head of the region.

He added that suitable additional reserves of the units. In addition, allocated additional forces and means from other regions – the Volgograd region is moving about 30 units.

«We manage to keep at the front of 15 kilometers, but some settlements are in immediate danger, as currently defined settlements, which would have to be evacuated at night,» said the Governor.

Earlier it was reported that the fire was stopped change in all four camps dubovskogo RAJJONA: «Friendship», «Brook», «oak» and «Green wave» and evacuated three camps in other areas: name of Guli korolevoy in gorodischenskiy, «blue» in Ilovlinskiy and «Grasshopper» in Olkhovsky.

Also agreed at the time of surgery to limit traffic on the section of the Federal highway P-228 Saratov — Volgograd near the village of deer. Drivers are provided with water and all necessary. Tasked to inform residents Dubovsky district and transit drivers.