Native Daniel Morozov hope for Russia’s help in the matter of guardianship

© AFP 2017 / Josh EdelsonГенконсульство Russia to the United States. San Francisco. Archival photoNative Daniel Morozov hope for Russia’s help in the matter of guardianship© 2017 AFP / Josh Edelson

Andrey Morozov, uncle of 9-year-old Daniel Morozov, who lost his parents in the United States, hopes to help the Russian authorities in addressing the issue of guardianship.

Police in Los Angeles August 22, shot and killed 48-year-old Russian citizen Konstantin Morozov. He was suspected of kidnapping his nine-year-old son after killing the boy’s mother. In the Russian General Consulate in San Francisco confirmed that the child and his dead parents are citizens of Russia. Informed the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco reported that because of the presence of the boy’s passport the issue of guardianship over him will be considered a court of the United States.

«I am ready to give all the money in our family, although, of course, is not enough for that, so we appeal to the public authorities of the Russian Federation to help us», — told RIA Novosti arrived in Los Angeles the brother of the father of the child on the question of whether he to the fact that the solution of the question of guardianship of the child will take the us Supreme court.

Uncle of the child said that he came to take custody of my nephew and take him to Russia, «to raise him a worthy member of society in love and to create maximum conditions, so it was good.» According to him, «in the USA the boy has no relatives.»

The interlocutor of Agency has told us the child did not allow him to see the boy. «Unfortunately, the guardianship bodies in which it is located, we communicate with supervisor, position is at least unpleasant and strange: I was not allowed to the child,» said the brother who was killed by police father of Daniel.

«They say that according to some of their Protocol, they have to inform him that his parents are no more. According to the American media, we know that he’s depressed that he’s very withdrawn,» — said Andrey Morozov.

«There is no explanation. I brought all the documents: birth certificate, my brother, my birth certificate, which confirms that we are brothers, brought the documents that I have a flat in Moscow, I brought the documents of their income, could they send so they can get acquainted with it — I’m all ready to give. If you need other documents, I am also ready to provide them», — he stressed.

But, he said, he was told that any information will not be available, «since the matter is secret, and at the meeting do not count».