Rescuers explained why people stopped looking for miners at the mine «Mir»

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Search and rescue operations in the Yakut mine «Mir», where after the accident has gone eight miners were terminated because of large concentrations of water. This was announced by the company ALROSA, which owns the mine.

In the bowl of the quarry, as explained in the message, has accumulated more than 37 thousand cubic meters of water. «The threat of simultaneous uncontrolled gathering of this amount of water in the mine makes it impossible for any underground work,» said the company.

Due to the fact that you keep blasting at the quarry is prohibited, to accomplish anything, including pumping water in the mine is impossible.

In addition, as explained in to ALROSA, since the accident it has been three weeks, and the chance that one of the missing miners is still alive, almost none, because the miners had no water, no food, and the bottom flooded with mud-masses with a high content of hydrogen sulfide and salts.

Three weeks of searching

In to ALROSA reminded that search and rescue operations at the scene were a total of three weeks. They were attended by 320 people, including 170 emergency workers and about 150 employees of the company, as well as more than 30 units. Searches were carried out at a depth of over 500 metres, during which time it was extracted 19.5 thousand cubic meters of rock.

The operation was complicated by the August 18, since the bottom of the quarry began to accumulate water. As a result, the danger of simultaneous water breakthrough at the mine that threatened the lives of rescuers. The next day, a search operation was suspended. Over the next five days, a series of blasting, however, to achieve a controlled de-water the mine failed.

Breakthrough water

The fourth of August, the mine of «ALROSA» in the city of peace has been a breakthrough of water. At the time mine was 151 people, 143 of them managed to raise to the surface.

At the bottom left: Vlasenko Alexey Zhukov Dmitry Kulikov Vitaly, Mirontsev Hleb, Misnik Valentin, Neustroyev Mikhail Stepanov Igor.

Assistance will be provided

The President of «ALROSA» Sergei Ivanov expressed his condolences to the families of the dead miners and pledged to provide them with the necessary support and material assistance.

ALROSA and Contracting company LLC «Belspetsmontazh» will pay to relatives of the miners compensation in the amount of two million rubles. In addition, the families of the workers will receive insurance payments, and payments from budgets of different levels.

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