Roommate murdered in the US, the Russians will claim for the custody of her son

© Fotolia / ArborpulchraМишка plush. Archival photoRoommate murdered in the US, the Russians will claim for the custody of her son© Fotolia / Arborpulchra

The boyfriend of the murdered ex-husband in the US, the Russians Natalia Morozova can claim custody of her nine year old son after the child’s father was killed by the police, testifies the record of the organizers raise funds for her funeral.

Police in Los Angeles August 22, shot and killed 48-year-old Russian citizen Konstantin Morozov. He was suspected of kidnapping his nine-year-old son after killing the boy’s mother. In the Russian General Consulate in San Francisco confirmed that the child and his dead parents are citizens of Russia. Informed the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco reported that because of the presence of the boy’s passport the issue of guardianship over him will be considered a court of the United States.

«Son of Natalia (Daniel frost) is currently taken under the care of social security authorities. The only family he has here in the U.S., is Jesse (the media called his name, Gonzalez) and his family,» — said on the website Go Fund Me, which organizers want to collect 20 thousand dollars for the burial of Natalia in the US or sending her body to Russia.

«Natalia lived in the US for 19 years, and in its nine years, her son considers this place their home. Family Jesse believes that Natalia wanted to be with him,» write the authors of the action. According to them, Jesse is a coach for Taekwondo, is the son of Natalia was one of his students.

According to the organizers, the beneficiary of the fundraiser will be the boyfriend of the deceased woman. They also post photos of Natalia and her son, including on vacation with Jesse, at home.

In turn, the uncle of Daniel Andrey Morozov, arrived in the US to seek custody of his nephew, said Friday in an interview with RIA Novosti that he considers a threat to its efforts to reach guardianship the emergence of the «American citizen» and his statement that «he will fight for the right to become a father.»

«The man who never raised this child that has nothing to do with him, now lying all sorts of posts trying to somehow make the family not getting a baby. I think it’s disgraceful,» said the man on the phone from Los Angeles.

He expressed concern that relatives of the deceased Natalia Morozova «unable to support» the claims of the American.