Ships in Kuban all-night search in the area of falling of the bus

© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate in fotosensasi during search operations at the crash site of a bus with people in the sea. Archival photoShips in Kuban all-night search in the area of falling of the bus© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate the image Bank

All ships available in the Temryuk district, will be attracted by the night looking in the place of falling of the bus in the sea, will pass the monitoring events for traffic flow in the event of any bodies or objects, told reporters the head of EMERCOM of Russia in Krasnodar region Alexander tararykin.

The bus, which was carrying workers of contract organization and the company «Tamanneftegas», fell into the sea during the return from the watch. According to rescuers, the bus was carrying about 50 people, of which 17 people were killed, 33 rescued. One person, according to civil defense and emergencies of the Temryuk district declared missing.

«This is a difficult rescue operation, as there is a bridge technology, and the object is located at a sufficient distance from the basic rescue units. We do not often encounter this kind of emergencies. Road accident and fall off a bridge into the sea has left a special imprint. By decision of the interdepartmental operational headquarters and the head of the emergency situation will be increased rescue group — namely, diving the part — twice. In addition, the night will monitoring activities take place by the movement of the currents, will be involved in all the vessels, which will be in the area, in case you find any bodies or objects. The situation is complicated by the fact that we don’t know exactly how many people were in the bus,» said taramykin.

With the onset of daylight search and rescue operations will continue.

Of the 33 injured 16 — mild, 13 of them has to go home, said the head of the regional office.

To date, the bus is raised on technology pier, at the scene, the divers spent more than 60 dives to rescue involved four boats. All involved 145 people and 34 units of equipment, including from EMERCOM of Russia 61 people and nine units of equipment. Search operations in the waters over on Friday at 19:20, will resume with the onset of daylight. Saturday, August 26, in the Krasnodar region declared a day of mourning for the victims.