The aviation Ministry resumed work to extinguish fires in Volgograd region

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotosensibile be-200. Archival photoThe aviation Ministry resumed work to extinguish fires in Volgograd region© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The aviation Ministry resumed work to extinguish fires in Volgograd region, currently in the air are working, two planes be-200 and two helicopters MI-8, reported on the website GUMCHS in the Volgograd region.

Earlier Volgograd Governor Andrei Bocharov said that at night, the aircraft was suspended.

«Today, 05.15 aviation of EMERCOM of Russia has resumed the release of water on pockets of fire in Dubovsky district of Volgograd region. Currently in the air are two be-200 aircraft and two helicopters MI-8 with overflow device», — stated in the message.

It is noted that the ground the group continued the work at night. Managed to prevent fire distribution on settlements reindeer, Peskovatka, Spartacus, and to bring the situation under control. In the Ministry have noticed that strong winds contributed to the rapid spread of fire and complicated the suppression.

Grouping of forces and means involved to extinguish fires in Volgograd region, was strengthened by the 212 soldiers of the defense Ministry and 8 pieces of equipment. Only emergency response involved more than 1,7 thousand persons and 221 vehicles. Information on victims and victims did not arrive, said the Agency.

On the evening of Thursday, wildfires in the region was extinguished, but there are new. It was decided to evacuate Ekaterinovka and deer (50 kilometers North of Volgograd on the Federal highway) and prepare to evacuate the nearby Peskovatka.

Also the fire was stopped change in all four camps dubovskogo RAJJONA: «Friendship», «Brook», «oak» and «Green wave» and evacuated three camps in other areas: name of Guli korolevoy in gorodischenskiy, «blue» in Ilovlinskiy and «Grasshopper» in Olkhovsky.