The eye of the storm «Harvey» with Gale force winds and heavy rains reached the coast of Texas

© AP Photo / David J. PhillipХиллари of Libeb during hurricane Harvey in Galveston, Texas, in the Gulf of Mexico. 25 August 2017The eye of the storm «Harvey» with Gale force winds and heavy rains reached the coast of Texas© AP Photo / David J. Phillip

Center of powerful hurricane «Harvey» reached the coast of Texas, bringing high winds and torrential rains, according to the national center for the prevention of hurricanes USA (NHC).

Powerful since the «Katrina» hurricane hit the Gulf coast in Texas on Friday. Under forecasts of weather forecasters, it will rage throughout the state for several days, heavy rains can cause flooding.

Wind storm with heavy rain disrupts advertising signs and roof from the roofs in the town of Corpus Christi, first met the brunt of the disaster. As reported by the local media in the town of Rockport on the coast by the wind shattered Windows of emergency vehicles.

Reports of casualties yet, but, as reported in Fox News acting mayor of Rockport Patrick Rios, «there are reports about people who can’t leave their cars». «There’s nothing we can do, we asked everyone to leave the area,» said Rios from the area of the element, after which telephone contact was lost with him.

Hurricane «Harvey» earlier Friday, was rated the fourth degree on a scale, it brought on the coast of Texas wind speeds up to 130 mph (about 210 kilometers per hour).

«Harvey» has already become the most powerful hurricane in the U.S. over the past 12 years, since the country in 2005 was hit by the storm Katrina, which virtually destroyed the city of New Orleans in Louisiana.