The US is spying on allies: how the CIA collects fingerprints through the Internet

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotobanka WikiLeaksThe US is spying on allies: how the CIA collects fingerprints through the Internet© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

WikiLeaks has published a new series of documents within Vault project 7 («box No. 7») on the activities of the CIA. Declassified materials show that the American secret service is searching biometric data worldwide (including fingerprints). For the sake of receiving classified information, the organization has implemented its partners for spyware under the guise of available updates. Earlier air command U.S. air force issued a contract for the purchase of samples of human tissue from Russia — a fact that experts associated with the test capability of the United States biological weapons.

At the disposal of WikiLeaks, received a secret telegram in 2010, signed by U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. It follows from the text that American embassies and consulates around the world had the duty search of confidential information, including fingerprints of the leading diplomats of the world powers. Thanks to WikiLeaks, it became known that Washington was interested in not only diplomats. American intelligence agencies have taken aim at leaders of several countries in Eastern Europe, Africa and South America, whose fingerprints were hoping to buy.

The collection was conducted with the help of software and implemented on the computers of the partner organizations of the CIA. These include the secret services of the countries of the EU, Israel, the former Soviet Union. Illegal working with the data from «friends», Washington potentially has access to a large biometric databases to citizens of dozens of countries, including, for example, Ukraine.

Espionage activities aroused the suspicions of the partners of the organization, because it was disguised under «software update». Central intelligence Agency supplied intelligence to friendly computer software that is configured to stop working due to «having to update». This was followed by a request to Washington, and the «update» was done manually by the personnel employee of CIA. Having access to a computer, the CIA was introduced into his software spy software without arousing suspicion.


The development of intelligence software the CIA instructed his most secretive Department, known as OTS (Office of Technical Service). During the cold war, the Department became known for the manufacture of «spy accessories» such as a pistol disguised as a cigar, and a pen that allows you to spray tear gas. After the computer revolution of the OTS focused on IT projects. Including spyware Express Lane, written in 2009 and allows you to read and forward biometric data from remote computers belonging to the CIA.

In the Arsenal of the CIA — a program called Dumbo, which allows to control work of web cameras and microphones. Dumbo can not only remove unwanted entries, but replace them with your own, thus falsifying the incident. Other computer inventions of the CIA — is not better: so, as part of the Highrise project created a system that allows to intercept and forward SMS messages.

As follows from published materials, U.S. intelligence agencies readily use their technical findings not only against foreigners but also within the country. According to WikiLeaks, malware, Express Lane was the infected computers, the FBI and other government agencies of the States.