Trump criticized for banning transgender people to serve in the army

© REUTERS / Joshua RobertsПрезидент USA Donald trump announces U.S. troops about the new policy of the country during the war in Afghanistan. On 21 August 2017Trump criticized for banning transgender people to serve in the army© REUTERS / Joshua Roberts

Users of social networks criticized Donald trump for adopted ban on transgender service in the U.S. army.

It is noteworthy that the majority of people are outraged and another initiative of the American President to pardon his supporter, 85-year-old Sheriff Joe Arpayo, known for its tough attitude to illegal migrants.

«The ban on service in the army transgender and pardon, Arpayo in one day, and all this against the background of the news about the hurricane «Harvey». Donald trump is disgusting, cowardly and dangerous man,» he wrote on Twitter screenwriter Bo Willimon.

«Pardon, Arpayo and ban transgender people to serve in one day… What has become of this country?» — Kaylin writes.

«One week trump, who owns your white power, give power to neo-Nazis, banned transgender people to serve and liberated racist…. One week!», writes Planet Marz.

«Another disgusting move (and a pardon), who serves no real purpose other than to harm the variety and to divide the country,» writes Jules Cote.

«That’s terrible! What else is this man going to do!», — outraged Anber.

«Trump does not respect the rights of minorities, support of white nationalists, degrading women and each day finds a way to undermine civil rights. It’s terrible,» wrote Congresswoman Maxine waters.

Transgender people who now serve in the army, also commented on the President’s decision — they said that it is a step backwards in terms of civil rights, and this will provoke the inequality in the armed forces.

«This will create a situation in which the full inequality in terms of relationship to the military-transgender people,» says 28-year-old officer Jennifer Sims, which is preparing for a sex change.

The portal Vox in a large review articles, devoted to prohibition, writes that trump has called another strike all of the LGBT community in the POI including those entities that are willing to give their lives in service to their country.

«Trump successfully sacrifices the rights of transgender people because he thinks it’s politically expedient,» reads the article.

There were users who supported the initiative of trump, but very little. «Transgender people should not be in the army. If God created you a man, stay a man if a woman you stay a woman. Everything is simple,» wrote Brandon410.

«He corrects another mistake by Obama. The armed forces is no place for social engineering,» writes realJohnEason.