At Novosibirsk CHP called the cause of the fire

© Photo : Yulia Alexandrova Account Contactpager CHP in Novosibirsk. 26 August 2017At Novosibirsk CHP called the cause of the fire© Photo : an Account of Yulia Alexandrova VK

The preliminary cause of the explosion and subsequent fire on the transformer TPP-2 in Novosibirsk was a short in the equipment, is on trial after repair, reported the press service of the company «Sibeko», which owns the station.

The fire occurred on Saturday at Novosibirsk CHP-2 after a transformer explosion. No one was hurt. The fire is extinguished. As noted by the Ministry of energy, the main plant equipment present in the work, not damaged. The incident has led to power blackouts in Novosibirsk. Without power for about three hours remained about 18.3 thousand people.

«The preliminary cause of the fire was a short in the equipment that was on the test after repair», — is spoken in the company message.

In the «Sibeko» said that the fire started on the outdoor switchgear of the transformer 6T. At the moment the station works in a regular mode, the main equipment is not damaged. Set up a special Commission to investigate the causes of the incident fire.

The General Director of «Sibeko» Ruslan Vlasov thanked GUMCHS of Russia, other emergency services and technical specialists TPP-2 for rapid response and concerted action, which allowed to eliminate the consequences of fire in a short time.