Authorities said details of the accident with a minibus near Penza

© Fotolia / O. FarionАвтомобиль police. Archival photoAuthorities said details of the accident with a minibus near Penza© Fotolia / O. Farion

A minivan collided Saturday with a truck in the Penza region, resulting in one dead and five injured, has a registration plate of Kyrgyzstan, told RIA Novosti on Sunday representative of the regional Department of traffic police Julia Kuligin.

Earlier, the traffic police said that the van and Mercedes Benz cargo van Mercedes on Saturday afternoon collided at 471-kilometer Federal highway M-5 «Ural» in Spassky area of the Penza region, after which a van overturned on its side. As a result, the passenger of the minibus were killed and five others, including 17-year-old hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.

«The minibus which was involved in the accident, registered in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan», — said the Agency interlocutor.

She found it difficult to clarify information about the nationality of the deceased and the injured in the accident.

«In fact, an accident review,» said Kuligin.

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