In the Yaroslavl region was removed from grounded ship «Ilya Muromets»

© Photo : Cruisinforsex Ilya Muromets stranded in the Yaroslavl regionIn the Yaroslavl region was removed from grounded ship «Ilya Muromets»© Photo : Kruizinform

Ship «Ilya Muromets» EN route «Moscow – Kazan», refloated, continued the movement, reports the operational headquarters on the spot.

Earlier it was reported that a boat with 130 passengers ran aground in the Yaroslavl region in the night of Sunday, threatening passengers are not.

«Ship «Ilya Muromets» (route «Moscow – Kazan») refloated, continued movement on the route», — stated in the message.

As the head reported a press-service of Federal state budget institution «Moscow Canal» Herman Elyanyushkin, after the emergency requirements for ship owners in terms of maintenance and operation of ships will be tightened.

«In the first place should be the safety of passengers and shipping. This is the main priority of our work», — he stressed.

On the scene are the representatives of Russian transport inspection, port State control and Rybinsk district of hydraulic structures of the fgbi «Moscow Canal».