Media reported details about the collision of an American destroyer and the tanker

© 2017 AFP / Roslan RahmanЭсминец US Navy John McCain after a collision with a merchant vessel. On 21 August 2017Media reported details about the collision of an American destroyer and the tanker© AFP 2017 / Roslan Rahman

The international Maritime organization (IMO) under the auspices of the United Nations had warned merchant vessels about the threat of cyber attacks a few weeks before the collision of the destroyer U.S. tanker in the Strait of Malacca, the newspaper Sunday Times.

The organization in July issued a set of recommendations for owners of vessels which, in particular, noted the presence of «current and emerging threats» from hackers.

As writes the edition, the maps from the website to track the displacement of civilian ships VesselFinder is seen that the tanker suddenly changed course on the approach to the port before the collision with the vehicle.

The commander of the Pacific forces Admiral Scott swift said that traces cyber attacks on electronic systems of the destroyer, the result is not found.

On Monday, the U.S. destroyer «John McCain» collided with a merchant vessel Alnic MC near Singapore. The command of the U.S. Navy confirmed that the incident resulted in five sailors were injured. Was discovered the bodies of two sailors, and eight more are reported missing. Maritime and port authority (MPA) of Singapore announced that none of the members of the crew Alnic MC was not injured.