Medina congratulated the filmmakers with the Day of Russian cinema

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in fotomancer of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky. Archival photoMedina congratulated the filmmakers with the Day of Russian cinema© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky congratulated the filmmakers with the Day of Russian cinema, noting that the domestic film industry every year strengthens its position.

«History of cinema in Russia more than 120 years. During this time, movies have become part of our life, finishing in a special place as the most beloved and popular art form. Every year tens of millions of people come in thousands of theaters across the country, giving their preference to the bands of Russian production. This recognition and involvement from the audience is the best reward for the creators of these paintings, evidence of the great potential of our film industry», — the press service quoted the words of the Minister.

The Minister stressed that we are proud of the great masters of directing, dramaturgy, acting, which gave the world the culture of domestic cinema.

«And our task today – to keep the high standard set by their predecessors to preserve and increase the rich artistic traditions of Russian cinema,» Medinsky said.

According to the Minister, the Russian film industry every year «strengthens its position as a quality and worthy film is becoming more accessible to people».

«In small towns and villages opens up new areas for screenings, steadily increasing the share of our films at the box office. It is very important that these changes are tangible and enthusiastically greeted by the audience. Sure, ahead of Russian cinema will find many beautiful and spectacular pages», — concluded the Minister.