MOE reported the restoration of power supply in Novosibirsk

© Photo : Yulia Alexandrova Account Contactpager CHP in Novosibirsk. 26 August 2017MOE reported the restoration of power supply in Novosibirsk© Photo : an Account of Yulia Alexandrova VK

Energy restored electricity in Novosibirsk after a fire at CHP-2, reported on the website of the regional Central Directorate of Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation.

The fire occurred on Saturday at Novosibirsk CHP-2 after a transformer explosion. The causes of the accident are being investigated, no one was hurt. The fire is extinguished. As noted by the Ministry of energy, the main plant equipment present in the work, not damaged. The incident has led to power blackouts in Novosibirsk. Without power supply remained about 18.3 thousand people.

«Power supply in full volume is completely restored after a fire in CHP-2 in Novosibirsk,» — said in the MOE.

Rescuers added that the fire from the network was briefly disabled 946 sites, including 96 of socially significant.