Saudi media reported on the most ridiculous cases of divorce in the country

© AFP 2017 / Adek Waggamama woman. Archival photoSaudi media reported on the most ridiculous cases of divorce in the country© 2017 AFP / Adek Berry

A citizen of Saudi Arabia has decided to divorce his wife after she forgot to put a sheep’s head on a dish, with food served to guests, reported the Saudi newspaper «al-Watan». The publication has made a selection of the most bizarre causes of divorce in Saudi Arabia for the last time.

According to him, another Saudi filed for divorce after the wife went ahead of him, despite his request to go together. Another decided to get a divorce right during the honeymoon due to the fact that the new wife wore a decoration on the foot. Another divorced his wife, who disobeyed the requirements to visit their relatives only with his permission.

A series of the most bizarre reasons for divorce in Saudi Arabia is crowned by the event of divorce the man after the wife decided to take him by the hand.

As noted by the expert marriage from Saudi Arabia Hamoud al-Shamri, before the Kingdom is not divorced on such occasions, because there was no existing contradiction between tradition and development of society in the modern world.

In recent years the number of divorces in the Kingdom increased by 20%.