The Czech Prime Minister urged Europe to actively participate in the renewal of Iraq

© RIA Novosti / Rafael to Aminopherase in photobacteria in Iraq. Archival photoThe Czech Prime Minister urged Europe to actively participate in the renewal of Iraq© RIA Novosti / Rafael to Aminopherase the image Bank

Europe needs to take a more active part in the renewal of Iraq, which would have helped solving the problem of refugees from that country, said Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka on the results of his two-day visit to Baghdad, which ended on Sunday.

«I would like to once again congratulate the government of Iraq with a strategic victory here, the country, above the group «Islamic state.»* I think that Europe should more actively participate in the renewal of Iraq. It would be possible, in particular, to use some already tested the project in order to organize the return of refugees,» said Sobotka, who was quoted by the Prague Lidovky.

The Czech Prime Minister held in Baghdad talks with his Iraqi counterpart Haider al-Abadi, and was received by President Fouad Massoum.

Sobotka told reporters that his country in the last two years is the main supplier of weapons to Iraq. Only in 2016 of the enterprise of the Czech defense industry put this country on production of 1.66 billion euros (about 75,4 million). In addition, Prague is an active financial contributor to Baghdad in 2016 assistance to Iraq amounted to 38 million kroons ($1.7 million) in the current 25 million kronor (about $ 1.1 million).

According to Sobotka, Czech Republic is ready to actively participate in the reconstruction of Iraqi industry. He reminded that 60% of oil refineries in the country built mainly with the participation of experts and enterprises from Czechoslovakia.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia

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