The fire on thermal power station in Novosibirsk: 18 thousand people were temporarily left without electricity

© Photo : Yulia Alexandrova Account Contactpager CHP in Novosibirsk. 26 August 2017The fire on thermal power station in Novosibirsk: 18 thousand people were temporarily left without electricity© Photo : an Account of Yulia Alexandrova VK

The transformer explosion happened on Saturday at Novosibirsk CHP-2, the fire quickly extinguished, no light for some time remained about 18 thousand inhabitants of Novosibirsk. Incident has done without victims, and the power supply in the city is already restored.

A transformer explosion

The fire on thermal power station-2 in the Leninsky district of Novosibirsk emerged on Saturday evening about 21 hours. According to «Siberian energy company (the»Sibeko»), there was a transformer explosion, after which the substation lit up oil spilled on an area of 50 square meters.

To extinguish the fire on the raised number of complexity has left 56 rescuers and 18 vehicles was reported to the MOE. Created a special Commission to determine the causes of the accident.

It took firefighters about 40 minutes to prevent the spread of fire. Shortly after the message about the fire received information about the localization of the fire, and then complete elimination.

Novosibirsk without light

The fire on thermal power station led to blackouts in Novosibirsk. According to the Ministry of energy, without power supply remained about 18.3 thousand people. According to the MOE, from the network momentarily was disabled 946 sites, including 96 of socially significant.

As noted by energy, fire main equipment at CHP-2 was not damaged. According to the energy transformer caught fire, included idling for testing after repair. After this protective system at Novosibirsk CHP-2 and CHP-3 disabled operating equipment.

In the «Sibeko» promised that disabled the power supply will be made within three to four hours.

By midnight, the MOE and the Ministry of energy reported that the power supply in Novosibirsk has been fully restored. At incident nobody has suffered.