The «gray cardinal» trump: who will take the «hand of the Kremlin» and save from impeachment

© AP Photo / Andrew Naked USA Donald trump in the oval office of the White houseThe «gray cardinal» trump: who will take the «hand of the Kremlin» and save from impeachment© AP Photo / Andrew Nagan of Skripunov

On why President trump more trust priests, not economists, and how it will affect the anti-Russian hysteria in the United States — in the material RIA Novosti.

The first foreign tour of Donald trump after the election victory was symbolic: Mecca, Jerusalem, Rome. And as a prologue — signed before the trip, the decree on religious freedom, allowing religious organizations to participate in politics not only slogans, but also money.

Well, politics is politics, and in the Vatican diplomatic forgot that a few months ago, Pope Francis has publicly questioned that trump all Christian, and the response said that for a Christian leader «disgusting» to question a person’s faith.

«Conflict of values»

While religious leaders regularly take feed trump: when Jared Kushner, the son-in-law, was accused of communications with Russia, the first publicly stood up for him the pastors of the Evangelical churches — the largest U.S. denomination (26.3% of the total population). And when during a riot in Charlottesville the President was accused of favoring a right-wing, Protestant clergy decided to «break up» the protesters.

That’s just the President, it seems, was a «king Midas in reverse» — that in the hands of all were turned to gold, that is spreading at the seams: the abolition of Obamacare, a ban on the entry of Muslims… And triumphant Union with the leaders of the evangelicals have also staggered: amid a racist scandal known pastor Alfonso Bernard fell out with trump and left an informal group of 25 gospel of advisers to the head of state, who have always unconditionally defended him from any attacks, including accusations of «relations with Moscow.»

«It became apparent that between me and the administration, there is a growing conflict of values,» commented Bernard your care.

«For us, the door is always open»

«The Oval office is for us an open door so we could always Express to the President the praise, criticism and anxiety. And we do it», — says member of the Board pastor Noah Felts.

In the political arena of the US pastors-evangelists went out in the 80-ies of the last century the rapid growth of the financial market. Their message about the relationship of man’s faith with his personal success and material prosperity collected the whole stadiums. More prominent politicians became members of their religious meetings (including presidents Jimmy Carter and bill Clinton). The influence of the evangelists was felt even in the foreign policy rhetoric of Ronald Reagan and George Bush («the evil Empire», «axis of evil», etc.).

But the precursor to the trump relationships with influencers clergy did not happen: in the beginning of his presidency Barack Obama with the scandal left the Holy Trinity Church in Baltimore, then removed «from the court» those preachers, who publicly condemned gay people. And the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015 and all of his quarrel with the conservative Christians and even led to protests in several States.

Quite naturally, then during the election campaign evangelists joined Donald Trump, as his «nuclear electorate»: they are very attracted to his conservative agenda, even despite the fact that his own lifestyle is certainly not consistent with the Christian ideal. The trump has repeatedly said he is proud that he is a Protestant and is ready to defend Christians around the world, especially in the middle East (he of the current of the first persons of world politics in defense of Christians, is rapidly emerging in many countries as a persecuted minority, were is that President Putin).

The role of counselors, evangelists, American President clearly formulated pastor mark burns, representing the southern Baptist Convention (15.5 million parishioners): «Donald trump is deeply in solidarity with my desire to see our faith — Christian faith — center politics.»

«It is our spiritual duty to be the voice of God to the President of the United States,» he added.

Betray only their

As stated in the publication The Atlantic and The Washington Post, in recent years the influence of the Evangelical Council only intensified, especially against the backdrop of the dissolution of the Council and the Council for strategy and policy. However, they write, in the «court of the evangelists», which is a collective «cardinal Richelieu» at the trump, the split started. So, in addition to Alfonso Bernard, the Council intended to leave and other members of the «black» churches. However, at the last moment changed his mind.

At the same time, another part of the Board — «white» evangelicals — increasingly converging with the American Catholics, even though they are traditionally focused on the Democratic party. Has reached the point that Vatican publication La Civita Cattolica (produced by the Jesuits, is a member of Pope Francis) drew attention to this «dangerous link»: the Pontiff has long been in conflict with the American cardinals (the latest high-profile episode was the dismissal of the heads of the Maltese knights, delivered an influential U.S. Archbishop of St. Louis by Raimund Burke). But American Catholics have a big influence in Congress.

Meanwhile, a few days reputable independent center Public Religion Research Institute investigating the role of policy in the lives of believers, presented alarming for the Oval office data: more and more Protestant support impeachment trump and suspect him of having links with Russia. And the most dissatisfied (79%) were among white evangelicals, the «nuclear electorate».

While neither the President nor his spiritual advisers did not respond. Although the topic of the growing influence of «presidential pastor» (as he called them The New York Times) the second week is not coming at US from the front pages of leading Newspapers — they are accused of «favoring the Nazis.» However, perhaps the collective «gray cardinal» still time to save his ward from disappointed in him Huguenots.