The main objectives of the Kuzbass, security issues and development of coal

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in totalaccess. Archival photoThe main objectives of the Kuzbass, security issues and development of coal© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Kemerovo oblast celebrates the holiday region — the miner’s Day is on the background of stable growth of coal production and the profits of coal enterprises.

In Russia, every second ton of coal is mined in the Kemerovo region. The share of the flagship of the coal industry account for 59% of the total coal of the country and 80% of coking and 76% of all Russian export of this fuel. The region has 44 mines, the slit 51 and 54 of the concentrator and installation. Kuzbass coal comes in almost all regions of Russia, and also in 55 countries.

Miner’s day is celebrated in Russia on the last Sunday of August.

World markets and coal miners of Kuzbas

The situation in the coal industry worldwide, according to experts, is slowly beginning to stabilize. For nearly five years (since 2012) global coal prices fell, and in the beginning of 2016 was, in fact, at the bottom. Around the world, particularly in Australia, USA and South Africa, went bankrupt a successful company in the past.

In the summer of last year coal prices went up. First of all, due to the fact that China is the largest consumer and producer of coal – shut down in 2016, a thousand old unprofitable mines and reduced the number of working days in the coal mines from 330 to 276 in the year to reduce the volume of production. As a result, Asian markets experienced an acute shortage of coking coal. Accordingly, the prices of them have soared and in November of 2016 have achieved maximum marks – $ 320 per ton.

In March 2017 off the coast of Australia was raging powerful cyclone «Debbie», which led to a halt for a few months in coal production at mines in Queensland is the world’s largest export coal basin. All this has led to serious supply disruptions of coal.

Now the major coal mining countries – China, USA, Australia again has increased production accordingly, coal prices came down. But, in General, compared to the beginning of 2016, prices for steam coal rose by 50%, and for coking coal is 2.5-3 times.

Kuzbass coal miners were able to quickly navigate, lost markets and got a decent profit. According to the authorities, only five months of 2017, the net profit of coal enterprises of Kuzbass amounted to almost 70 billion rubles, 2.8 times more than last year. This is reflected in the value of tax payments to the regional budget: for the first half of 2017 coal companies paid 15.8 billion rubles in taxes in the budget – the same as for the whole of 2016.

Investment by coal miners and new production

Since 1997, the development of the coal industry in Kuzbass invested 763 billion. Built 90 new, modern, high-performance coal mines: mines, cuts, concentrating factories.

In 2016, investment in the regional coal industry at 58.4 billion rubles, which is 11.4 billion more than the year before. This year has already invested 36 billion rubles. Funds are spent mainly on modernization of existing and construction of new ones.

From the beginning of 2017 in the region was opened with two cuts – «Trademake-South» and «Karachinsky» and mine, «Name tihova». In August officially launched the first mine «Evalina», which became part of Siberia’s largest mining and processing complex with a mill, objects of transport and energy infrastructure, the latest modular treatment facilities.

«All of these companies built from scratch. At the end of last year the Kuzbass was the only major coal regions of Russia, which will increase the production of the fuel were produced more than 227 million tons of coal, and this year will get no less,» — noted in the Department of the coal industry.

Human factor and safety of miners

The issues of safety still remain in first place for the coal. In 2016, the owners of the coal enterprises have invested in security 4.3 billion. This year, by estimations of the regional authorities, the volume of investments in this area will continue (since January already invested about 2 billion rubles).

At all operating mines in the region equipped for gas protection is registration of names of employees under the ground, operate advanced communications, introduced chips that give the opportunity to be in constant contact with those who are in mines.

Despite the measures taken and the fact that the level of injury generally reduced fatalities is not yet possible. In the first seven months of this year in the Kuzbass region killed nine miners, the same as it was for the same period last year.

The main cause of death and injury in the coal industry – the human factor, which the coal miners and the authorities aim to eliminate. For this, according to experts, it is necessary to build the entire production process to break the safety standards were simply impossible. Governor Aman Tuleyev earlier said that the coal industry must act on the principle road where oncoming lanes separated by metal railings: even if you want to go the «opposite» – you will not be able to do so.

Experts recommend that coal companies continue to create dispatch centers to online to see what is happening on each shaft and in case of emergency to make decisions quickly. In addition, it is necessary to train people. For this 2015 in Novokuznetsk operates the country’s first all-Russian airmobile center. Since April of this year in the centre is the training of miners and rescue workers from all over Russia in conditions close to reality.

Coal exports and productivity

Governor Aman Tuleyev and the local authorities have repeatedly stressed the importance of the Kuzbass coal miners hold the key buyers in the main international markets. Exports of coal are growing: in the whole country last year grew by 9%. For the first time in the history of exports to Asia exceeded exports to Europe.

The main coal exporter to Russia remains Kuzbass, which sells its coal in 55 countries. In 2016 the volume of deliveries of «black gold» abroad has increased compared to 2015 of 8.6 million tonnes and made up of 124.5 million tons. In the first seven months of 2017 the export of the Kuzbass coal increased by 10.7 million tons compared to the same period last year and amounted to 81.2 million tons.

The authorities of Kuzbas have noted that a critical task for coal miners is the increase in productivity. The higher the productivity, the lower the cost of production and, hence, higher its competitiveness in the global market.

In General, over the last 20 years the average productivity of the Kuzbass miners has increased more than four times: 73,4 tons per month per worker in 1997 to 299,2 tons per month in 2016. But despite this, according to this indicator, the miners seriously yet do not reach the leading coal powers. For example, in the United States is produced on average three times more: a thousand tons of coal per month per worker.

In the region there are private enterprises where they have the same performance, and even higher. For example, mine «Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya» (IR «yukas-holding»), the average performance for the first six months of 2017 exceeded 1,62 thousands of tons of coal per worker, mine «Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya» («SUEK-Kuzbass») — 1.18 million tons, and the mine name Eletskogo (SUEK) — thousands of 2.38 per worker.

Deep processing and the future of sorbents

According to experts, another important reserve of the industry is the development of coal chemistry, that is, deep processing of coal products, which cost tens and hundreds of times more than price of ordinary fuel.

In April 2017 in Kemerovo on the industrial site of the company «Sorbents of Kuzbass» has opened the first phase of the plant for the production of coal sorbents. This special materials, which absorb different gases and harmful substances, even mercury and lead, purify water from various impurities. Sorbents are used in different areas – from utilities to the petrochemical and aviation industries, they can be used in defence products and the field of industrial safety (as fillers for means of individual and collective protection).The main objectives of the Kuzbass, security issues and development of coal© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevnega the clean and dirty regions of Russia

In the world market such products are in acute shortage, and the need for it is constantly growing, experts say. In Russia, domestic producers cover only 20 per cent of the sorbents, the rest is imported. If the ton of raw coal from which it is possible to produce sorbents is 1.2 thousand rubles, a ton of sorbent, from 60 thousand to half a million rubles.

Launched in Kemerovo plant for the production of sorbents is small, its capacity is 60 tons of sorbent per year. But this year the project demonstrated the interest of local coal miners. In particular, the holding company of the «Top Prom» prepares the project for further development of production of the sorbents on the platform in Novokuznetsk.

For this project in 2018 is planned to increase production to 125 tonnes in the long term – up to 3 thousand tons. That is, the Kuzbass plans to enter the industrial production of coal products, which, according to experts, the future of the coal industry.