The media revealed details of the pardons trump the Sheriff, who was convicted for contempt of court

© AP Photo / Jacquelyn MartinГенеральный Prosecutor Jeff sessions. Archival photoThe media revealed details of the pardons trump the Sheriff, who was convicted for contempt of court© AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions told the us President Donald Trump on the inappropriateness of the termination of the criminal case against Sheriff Joe Arpayo, according to the edition of the Washington Post, citing sources.

Earlier, the trump pardoned his supporter of Sheriff Joe Arpayo, convicted of contempt of court. The arpayo several years was Sheriff of one of the districts of Arizona. In this position he became known to extremely tough attitude toward illegal immigrants. Arpayo, was also accused of abuse of power, embezzlement, failure to comply with immigration laws and elections, but these allegations were never proven in court. Earlier, Arpayo was convicted of contempt of court, the verdict in the case is expected in October.

«The President asked attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions, can the government stop the criminal case against Arpayo, but he replied that it was inappropriate,» the newspaper writes, citing three people familiar with the content of the conversation and trump and Roman sessions.

As the newspaper writes, after a conversation with Sessom trump has decided to transfer the case to the court. The President is expected to pardon, Arpayo if the Sheriff is found guilty.

«It is quite natural that the President is discussing with the lawyers of the administration of legal matters. This case is no exception», — commented on the information about the conversation and trump and Roman sessions, the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders.

The justice Ministry refused from comments.