The number of victims of the hurricane «Harvey» in the United States reached three

© AP Photo / Eric GayПоследствия of hurricane Harvey in Rockport, Texas, USA. 26 August 2017The number of victims of the hurricane «Harvey» in the United States reached three© AP Photo / Eric Gay

Victims of the powerful hurricane «Harvey» that struck the Atlantic coast of the United States, reports the Los Angeles Times. Authorities confirmed the death of two.

According to police, one person was killed in the fire, and the other drowned. More than ten people received minor injuries.

The hurricane made dead house of 350 thousand citizens. The strong gusts of wind demolished the fences, trees and even roofs of houses.

The most powerful since Katrina

«Harvey» has struck Texas on the night of 26 August. The winds reached 215 kilometres per hour. It is the most powerful hurricane since Katrina, which in 2005 killed more than 1,000 people.

Initially he was assigned to the fourth category, but later it was downgraded to the first level. «Katrina» was the fifth category.
Despite the fact that «Harvey» has weakened to the level of a tropical storm, the most dangerous consequences may be ahead. We are talking about flooding, which forecasters attributed to the category of «life-threatening».

In 50 districts of the state of Texas state of emergency was declared, for a number of areas evacuated residents, the rest were obliged to pass instructing in safety precautions.

The element has a negative impact on the oil sector. Oil production in the Gulf of Mexico due to hurricane fell by almost 25%.

Oil and gas companies have evacuated more than 110 marine production platforms and drilling rigs. In addition, one mobile unit was relocated.

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