The survey showed a sharp decline in the approval rating of Makron

© RIA Novosti / Alex Particupate in Photobacterium of France Emmanuel macron. Archival photoThe survey showed a sharp decline in the approval rating of Makron© RIA Novosti / Alex Participerait the image Bank

The level of trust to the President of France Emmanuel macron continues to decline, the monthly rating of the French leader declined 14%, according to the Ifop polling center, commissioned by the weekly Journal du Dimanche.

According to the study, in August only 40% of the French were satisfied with the activities of the President. In July the work of the Makron was approved by 54% of respondents. It is also noted that 57% of French Express confidence the new President.

«Four months after the triumphant election of Emmanuel macron became President of the minority», — the newspaper writes. The newspaper adds that a significant reduction in the rating of the President in August is a continuation of the trend last month. In July the rating of Makron decreased by 10%.

The publication notes that the rating of Makron decreases much faster than the ratings of two of his predecessors, françois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy. So, a few months after the election in August 2012, the level of confidence in Hollande fell by only 2% (from 56% to 54%). Sarkozy’s rating in August 2007 increased by 3% (from 66% to 69%).

The survey was conducted on August 25-26 on the phone. The study involved 1023 people.