China will maintain a high level of combat readiness of troops on the border with India

© AFP 2017 / Biju Wagonlike military on the border of India and China. Archival photoChina will maintain a high level of combat readiness of troops on the border with India© 2017 AFP / Biju Boro

China after reaching agreement on breeding troops on the border with India in the plateau Dalam will retain a high level of combat readiness of its troops, said Monday the official representative of the Ministry of defense of China From Qian.

Earlier on Monday the foreign Ministry of China and India announced that the two countries had agreed on an «accelerated» breeding troops in the area Declama.

«The twenty-eighth of August at 14:30 Indian side was led back to his side of the border, all personnel and equipment. The Chinese side on the spot confirmed this fact. Chinese troops will maintain a high level of readiness and will firmly safeguard territorial sovereignty,» said Qian At in the video message posted on the Ministry’s website.

The defense Ministry of China also said that security and stability on the Sino-Indian border are of key importance for regional security and peace as well as with the common interests of the two countries and their peoples.

The Chinese side encouraged the Indian to work together to ensure peace and tranquility in the border zone and promote the healthy development of military relations between the two countries.

«The Chinese army has the confidence and ability to defend state sovereignty, security and development interests», — said the representative of the defense Ministry of China, expressing China’s willingness to make a greater contribution to safeguarding international peace.

Tensions between China and India over the situation in plateau Declam — mountain area at the convergence of the borders of China, India and Bhutan — remains from mid-June. Chinese workers have started laying the road through the plateau, which caused the protest of Bhutan. In a few days, the military of India, with which Bhutan has friendly relations, crossed the state border and after a short struggle was forced out of the district Declam the Chinese military.