Died a Russian woman, lapsed into a coma on holiday in Turkey

© Fotolia / sudok1БольницаDied a Russian woman, lapsed into a coma on holiday in Turkey© Fotolia / sudok1

A resident of Surgut Christina maksymiuk, lapsed into a coma on holiday in Turkey, died in a Moscow hospital, said the sister of the tourists Hope Humeniuk.

The woman went into a coma due to heart attack in the first day. The question of its transportation to Russia were resolved over 10 days, while the victim has not been delivered on a Charter flight to Moscow clinical hospital named after S. S. Yudin.

«The twenty-seventh of August, around midnight, God took us Khrystyna… took away a part of our family and soul… Thank you for all this time, despite everything, you were with us, fought for Cristuru for your sincere words of support and material help», — Gumenyuk wrote on his page in social network «Vkontakte».

Previously, she reported that a relative was brought to Metropolitan hospital with high fever and pneumonia, which can develop due to the fact that the doctors from the hospital in the Turkish province of Alanya «created the appearance of care and treatment» on the insurance money.