«Expert RA» estimated «hole» in the banks that fall under the clearance of the Central Bank

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The total «hole» in the balance sheets of Russian banks, deprived of licenses by the Central Bank since the beginning of 2017, is estimated at about 0.5 trillion rubles, and from the beginning of clearing the banking system — in the fall of 2013 — not less than 2 trillion rubles, including sanitized banks, estimated to RIA Novosti associate Director on Bank ratings «Expert RA» Vyacheslav Putilovsky.

The Bank of Russia with the arrival in June 2013, the new head Elvira Nabiullina has begun clearing the banking sector from troubled players, and brought from the system of more than 300 banks. Left the market not only small banks but also a number of medium and large. Nabiullina in the spring of this year, said that the regulator in the next 2-3 years will continue to clean up the banking sector from unfair players.

In September of last year occupying then a post of the Chairman of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov said that the total size of the «hole» in the banks deprived of the licenses, amounted to more than 1,1 trillion roubles.

In the rating Agency said that from the beginning of 2017, the regulator revoked the banking licenses of 38, not counting the 10 banks, it ceased to exist in the framework of mergers and acquisitions. According to the Bank of Russia, the total size of the «hole» in the capital of banks that lost their licenses since the beginning of the year amounted to 219 billion rubles.

«At the same time, taking into account not examined before the end of the «Ugra», «Spurt» and other smaller banks amount, according to our estimations, may reach at least 500 billion rubles. You should also consider that further work on realization of assets of banks with revoked licenses total losses typically increases,» — said the analyst.

He also noted that the payments for refundable deposits and the costs of reorganization strongly correlated with the amount of «holes» in the balance sheet of banks. «The peak for 2016, in which the number of insurance cases was 88, and insurance payments exceeded 530 billion rubles. Record this index in 2016 is due primarily to the large insurance cases: «Interkommerts» (64,3 billion), Rosinterbank (49,2 billion) and Russia (45 billion rubles)», — the expert specifies.

In second place is Tatfondbank (118,3 billion rubles), the third – the Bank «Russian Credit» (75,7 billion rubles), the fourth — Bank «Interkommerts» (65,1 billion), the fifth – «BFG Credit» (47.4 billion rubles).

«Giant hole» appeared and the banks, sent for rehabilitation. According to the report published on the website of the Central Bank in the form 123, record negative equity have had Mosoblbank, which is currently saniyede SMP Bank – 121, 6 billion roubles as of 1 August. In second place is the Bank «trust» — 80.2 billion rubles as of July 1 (reporting the Bank on August 1 is not published on the website of the Central Bank).

In addition, it is worth noting the amount of funds allocated for the Bank bailout, namely the Crimean GenBank and «Peresvet». By the end of 2016 a cumulative total of ASV on sanitation of banks sent 1,575 trillion rubles, including 37.7 billion rubles – in 2016, RUB 482.5 billion in 2015.

«According to our estimates, the total size of the «hole» in the balance sheet of banks transferred to the reorganization and with a revoked license, is not less than 2 trillion rubles. So, just for 2015-2016 on Bank rehabilitation has spent $ 520 billion rubles, and payments of ASV to depositors amounted to 970 billion rubles,» — thought the Putilov from the «Expert RA».

«The creation of a new Fund of rehabilitation of banks, rather, will not lead to a significant increase of the hole, the amount of which will continue to grow as the withdrawal of licenses from weak players and banks involved in questionable transactions. However, this mechanism design of the regulator needs to increase the effectiveness of rehabilitation of troubled banks, which is especially important for major sanctions», — concluded the Putilov.«Expert RA» estimated «hole» in the banks that fall under the clearance of the Central BankReviews of licenses of banks of Russia