Fcsd said on renovating the municipal filter

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The Foundation for civil society development (Fcsd) proposes to renovate the municipal filter on gubernatorial elections, including to reduce its upper limit and exempt from collecting signatures for candidates from the parties having representation of at least a quarter of the municipalities in the region.

Competition was less

In Fcsd agree with the opinion that now competition in the elections was much smaller in comparison with the campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000-ies. Experts tend to explain this significant change in the institutional environment and political mores.

Many of the technologies, approaches to organizing campaigns has stopped working, multiple decreased efficiency of dirt, «black PR», politicians and political consultants began to behave in all senses careful, explain to the Fund. In addition, decreased the attractiveness of the post of head of the region for business and political raiders, specify the Fcsd experts.

«Of course, it is pointless to deny that in many regions, the competitive potential of the campaigns was reduced intentionally, through various transactions (in which «undesirable» candidates were nominated to the Federation Council and so on), and through manipulation of the municipal filter», — stated in the Fund’s report on the election of heads of regions in 2017.

However, recalled in Fargo, there are a number of cases where opposition members or on their own were able to overcome the municipal filter, or they helped make it the headquarters of the candidates of the government and the regional branch of «United Russia» in the framework of the installations on «increasing legitimacy».

«The abuse of restrictions on competition, as it «artificial cultivation», is equally dubious. And it is obvious that the municipal filter in need of «renovation», — experts say in the report.

The renovation, but not cancel

The filter you need it to «renovate», the idea of the abolition of this mechanism in Fcsd is not supported, «since the requirement to securely cut off from the election adventurers, political, «raiders» has not been canceled». In addition the party should be encouraged to nominate candidates for local elections, to work with the municipalities noted in the report.

However, the highlight of Fcsd, to exclude the possibility of recurrence of the situation, when the candidate of the parliamentary parties represented in most of the municipalities in the region, «is on the sidelines». So in this year there was, for example, the candidate on elections of the head of Buryatia from the Communist party by Vyacheslav Marhaeva, reminded the experts.

«We believe that if the party is represented in 25 percent or more of the municipalities of the region (even if only one member), then the candidate shall be exempted from collecting signatures and recorded automatically,» says Fargo.

At the same time, experts say, to eliminate the pressure on the team, to encourage them to lay down their mandates or to join any other party, it is necessary to provide in law that the total party representation in the municipalities is calculated only on the basis of the outcome of the last election, and the further transitions are not taken into account.

«As for the «renovation» of the filter, then, firstly, it is necessary to reduce the upper limit. Moreover, with respect as to the total number of municipalities that need to subscribe in support of nomination of the candidate, and the number of municipalities of the second level. Secondly, you need to explicitly prohibit to collect and submit to the Commission the signatures in quantities larger than required for registration,» offer in Fargo.

While collected but not submitted signature should be «zeroed out», say the experts. They believe that such a ban would remove the problem of manipulation, «zhivotnymi» signatures will make candidates more carefully to work with the advocates in municipalities and paperwork.