From St. Petersburg, was arrested in Delhi because of the ammo, returned to Russia

© Fotolia / RafikovayanaОружейные cartridges. Archival photoFrom St. Petersburg, was arrested in Delhi because of the ammo, returned to Russia© Fotolia / Rafikovayana

Russian Anton Golyshev, detained in may by the Indian authorities after the discovery in his Luggage of two rounds, returned to Russia, have informed RIA of news in Embassy of the Russian Federation.

A resident of St. Petersburg Golyshev, graduate student St. Petersburg state chemical-pharmaceutical Academy, in the spring of 2017 was in India for the academic program. In may, when returning home during the inspection at the Delhi airport in his things found a bird’s nest souvenir, inside of which were two shells, the existence of which Golyshev didn’t know. The Russian was arrested, and later placed under house arrest in one of the hotels in Delhi.

«Judicial proceedings against Anton Golysheva in India discontinued. In the night from Friday to Saturday Golyshev left India, previously thanked Russian diplomats for help in resolving the situation,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

His return home confirmed himself naked on his page in social network «Vkontakte», writing in a Monday night post: «I’m home».

On the detention of passengers in the airports of India after the detection in the baggage or hand Luggage of ammunition, usually in a single instance, it is reported regularly. As a rule, the police captures five to seven cases per month. Periodically exposed and detained foreign nationals. Legislation in India the transportation of weapons and ammunition in airports is prohibited. In most cases, this happens with the military or the law enforcement agencies of India, which inadvertently transports ammunition in checked baggage. However, of particular resonance was the case in late June when the airport is Indira Gandhi in Delhi were detained three citizens of India who have staff in the inspection found in one cartridge of one brand in Luggage. While the detainees were not familiar with each other and didn’t know as ammunition in their suitcases, in connection with which there is the assumption that unidentified attackers intends to throw ammo to the passengers in the baggage.

This case and the incident with Anton Golyshev worried the Russian Embassy in India. In this regard, the Embassy has urged the Russian citizens to exercise vigilance at airports in India, not to accept items for carriage from third parties, and carefully watch your Luggage and hand Luggage.