In Khasavyurt during a shootout with the bandits killed the strongman

© RIA Novosti / NewsTeamПерейти in fotoracconti police in Dagestan. Archival photoIn Khasavyurt during a shootout with the bandits killed the strongman© RIA Novosti / NewsTeamПерейти the image Bank

One security officer was killed and one wounded during a shootout with bandits in Dagestan Khasavyurt, said on Monday the national anti-terrorist Committee (NAC).

The operation takes place on the outskirts of the city. House, where dwelt criminals, blocked from neighbouring buildings evacuated residents, a counter-terrorism operation.

«On offer to lay down arms and surrender, the criminals opened fire, resulting in two law enforcement officers were injured, one of them was wounded, incompatible with life», — said in a release.

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