In Moscow appeared the first traffic light solar powered

© Fotolia / FotomekСветофор. Archival photoIn Moscow appeared the first traffic light solar powered© Fotolia / Fotomek

The first traffic light solar installed in the Moscow district of Nekrasovka, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the press service of the center for organization of traffic (TSODD).

«The use of traffic lights on alternative sources of energy can be a great solution for organizing traffic in the new, remote districts where to quickly connect objects to the city’s power supply task is quite time-consuming,» said St. George.

In a press-service of TMS said that the traffic lights solar powered is a fully automated device. A solar panel generates electricity and stores it in the installed battery, then these reserves are used for working traffic light in the dark. Charge batteries not only in summer but also in cloudy weather in the winter.