In Texas, three major companies have stopped working refineries

© AP Photo / Eric GayУпавшие poles power, damaged as a result of hurricane Harvey, Texas, USA. 26 August 2017In Texas, three major companies have stopped working refineries© AP Photo / Eric Gay

Three major companies stopped the oil refineries located near the city of Houston in Texas, where raging tropical storm «Harvey», told the newspaper Wall Street Journal.

Us oil Corporation ExxonMobil previously announced the closure of work at the refinery in BAYTOWN, which is capable, according to the publication, to process up to 560 thousand barrels per day.

According to the newspaper, the Dutch-British company Royal Dutch Shell also stopped work of the enterprise in deer Park, with a capacity of up to 325 thousand barrels per day. Another company taking such a decision, has become Brazil’s Petrobras, to stop the operation of the plant in Pasadena, with a capacity of up to 110 thousand barrels per day.

The company reported that it estimates the damage from the elements.

In addition, as the newspaper notes, stopped all oil refineries near the city of Corpus Christi located on the Gulf coast, where the collapsed element. The total capacity of private enterprises is more than two million barrels a day.

«Harvey» hit the coast of the Gulf of Mexico as a hurricane with the force of 4 points on a scale. On Saturday, he weakened to the level of a tropical storm, the maximum wind speed at the moment is about 64 kilometers per hour.

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