In the Fcsd has made a rating of the success of parties in gubernatorial election

© Nikolai Koreshkovy voting day in the regions of Russia. Archival photoIn the Fcsd has made a rating of the success of parties in gubernatorial election© Nikolai Koreshkov

The Foundation for civil society development (Fcsd) analyzed the success of participation of parties in elections of heads of regions over the past five years, the rating includes all four parliamentary parties and seven smaller parties, of which the greatest progress showed «Patriots of Russia», «Civic platform» and «Communists of Russia».

The report on the election of heads of regions in 2017 Fcsd presented a success rate of participation of the parties in the elections of heads of regions, based on the results of campaigns, which took place from 2012 to 2016. The experts took into account not only the winners, but also took second and third places: first place the party was assigned 3 points, second 2, third – 1 point.

«In the final table were all parties, candidates of which at least once was ranked second. Those were 11. Of course, the first four places were shared between the parliamentary parties – United Russia, KPRF, LDPR and SR. Fifth, sixth and seventh places were occupied by «Patriots of Russia», «Civic Platform» and «Communists of Russia», — the report says.

As follows from the research, «United Russia» (ER) has received 194 points, the Communist party – 107, LDPR – 64, «Fair Russia» (SR) – 28, «Patriots of Russia» – 6, «Civic platform» – 3, «Communists of Russia» – 2 points. Lower in the rankings were another four small parties – «Civil force», the Party of growth, the PARNAS, the party of «Honest», receiving 2 points each.

«You should pay attention that the number of participants of elections of heads of 2014-2016, who took second or third place, and subsequently elected/re-elected to the state Duma, the LDPR bypasses much of the Communist party – 12 vs 5. Clearly, this is due to the fact that «Zhirinovsky» often put forward on a post of heads of regions deputies in the State Duma», — explained in Fcsd.