In the Kremlin will pass celebrations on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of all-Russian local Council

© A public domainЗаседание local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Cathedral chamber of the Moscow diocesan house. 1917. Archival photoIn the Kremlin will pass celebrations on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of all-Russian local Council© a public domain

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill on Monday will have a festive divine Liturgy in the Dormition Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. On this day the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates the 100th anniversary since the start of the all-Russian local Council 1917-1978 years, which adopted a historic decision on the restoration of the Patriarchate.

The local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church took place in Moscow in three sessions from August 28 (new style), 1917, to September 20, 1918. It was the first all-Russian Church Council since the eighteenth century, his most important decision was the reestablishment of the Patriarchate, marked the end of the Synodal period in the history of the Russian Church. Cathedral took place in the context of new public-political situation in the countries experiencing the revolutionary transformation, and had to answer many pressing questions and challenges of the contemporary era.

«The feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, August 28, the Russian Orthodox Church is a special way to remember the 100th anniversary of the opening of the sacred Council of the Orthodox Russian Church of 1917-1918. On this day all churches will be made moleben celebrated among the saints of the members of the Holy Cathedral and the memorial prayer commemorating other members of the Council,» he told RIA Novosti at the Patriarchal press service.

The main worship service starts at 9: 30 Moscow time: the Patriarchal divine Liturgy will be celebrated in the assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin.

The message of the Patriarch

In this day the divine Liturgy in all churches of the Russian Orthodox Church will also be read out a special letter to the faithful on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of all-Russian local Council.

«Despite the past century that separates us from the events of that era, the value of the local Council of 1917-1918 do not end up comprehended and appreciated by the Church people. Deeply convinced that his legacy requires serious and thoughtful study, and many of the ideas expressed then, would be useful and in demand today,» — reads the statement of the Patriarch, the text of which was circulated by his press service.

The local Council of 1917-1918 had a long period of preparation: in January of 1906, Emperor Nicholas II established a special body — the Pre-Council presence, which was to prepare the convening of the Council and the projects of its main decisions. Now attempted for the first time to publish all the conciliar documents of the time, a fundamental scientific edition will include up to 36 volumes.

As noted by the Patriarch, not all decisions a century ago, was implemented, what the reasons were different. And the most obvious obstacles was erupted shortly after the revolutionary events of the civil war and the subsequent unprecedented persecution of the Church and the faithful.

«We do our Ministry in a completely different historical conditions. Most of our fellow citizens by the mercy of God has its experience of persecution for their faith. Today, we can prayer to reflect on the outcome of the Council’s actions, to answer the question of why in spite of many obstacles, some Council resolutions have been implemented and have found their place in the life of the Church, while others on the contrary — was not viable and was not internalized the Church’s consciousness», — said the Primate.

Among the issues that are actively discussed on the local Council, discussion about the parish device and Edinoverie (old believers) communities, the creation of Metropolitan areas and the restoration of the Institute of deaconesses, liturgical language, and on preaching as a basis of Church Ministry.

The fruits of the Cathedral

The national Cathedral of the beginning of XX century joined the Church in the face of the ensuing brutal persecution of her, and helped her to stand. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti doctor of Church history, Deputy head of Department of the newest history of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Tikhon Orthodox humanitarian University (pstgu) priest Alexandr Mazyrin.

«This Council sanctioned active involvement in Church governance as the ordinary clergy and laity, than let them feel their responsibility for the destiny of the Church. The restored Cathedral of the institution of the Patriarchate in the person of the newly elected Patriarch Tikhon gave the Church the spiritual leader, the symbol of its unity, Holiness and catholicity,» said Mazyrin.

The relevance of referring to the memory and heritage of the Cathedral 1917-18 years, said the priest, is even greater today because right now through the recognition of the so-called «pan-Orthodox Council», held with the participation of the primates and representatives of 10 of the 14 recognized local Orthodox churches in June 2016 in Crete, believers are trying to impose «foreign to the Orthodox Church of Constantinople, the papacy».

«Unlike the recent questionable action in Crete, Cathedral of Moscow, whose memory we now celebrate annually, has indeed become a Great and the Holy, revealing that there is a genuine Orthodox catholicity, as it is realized in Church life and which brings forth good fruits,» said Mazyrin.

According to him, the main fruit of the all-Russian local Council was «the abundance of the manifested Holiness» more than half of its members suffered years of persecution for the faith. To date, of the composition of the Cathedral is glorified by name about fifty ascetics, who formed the core of the «Cathedral of the new martyrs and Confessors of Russia».

Also in may of this year the Holy Synod of the Russian Church established the celebration of the individual members of the Council. «Day of remembrance of the Fathers of the local Council» is defined November 5, old style (18 November, new style) — the day of the election of St. Tikhon of Moscow Patriarchal throne in 1917.