Myanmar authorities have warned about the responsibility for supporting the insurgents

© AP Photo / Bullit MarquezМинистр foreign Affairs of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi. Archival photoMyanmar authorities have warned about the responsibility for supporting the insurgents© AP Photo / Bullit Marquez

The Myanmar authorities have issued a warning for «local and foreign sponsors» of Islamic militants from the ethnic Rohingya (Rohingya, an ethnic Bengalis) in Rakhine state on criminal responsibility for their support, reports on Monday, the Internet version of the newspaper Myanmar Times, citing an official statement of the Committee on information office of the State adviser of Myanmar.

The position of State Counsellor, which powers approximately equal to the position of Prime Minister in Myanmar is a Nobel laureate and an «icon of democracy» To Aung San Suu Kyi, former longtime leader of the Pro-democratic resistance to the military authorities. She also holds the position of Minister of foreign Affairs of Myanmar.

«All citizens of Myanmar and foreigners who supported the militants, whose actions led to the deaths of nearly a hundred people in Rakhine state in recent days, will be prosecuted with the utmost severity,» — said in a statement.

«The Committee on information office of the State adviser appealed to Interpol for help in the search and apprehension of aliens providing support to terrorists in Rakhine state», — the document says.

The statement also says that the Committee on information has information that some staff of international non-governmental organizations «were involved in the cooperation with terrorists» during the siege of the militants of the village of Taung Bazar on 26 August this year. In addition, since July 30, security forces of Myanmar has repeatedly found in places of temporary camps of the militants in the mountains of Rakhine packaging from the products coming into the state only in the framework of the official assistance of international organizations, the document says.

August 25 militants Rohingya simultaneously attacked several police posts and army barracks in Rakhine state. Clashes between the security forces of Myanmar and militants is still going on. In the days of the most intense fighting, from August 25 to 27, in clashes killed nearly a hundred people, including more than ten policemen and soldiers. More than four thousand inhabitants, mainly Buddhists by religion of the hill tribes, akin to the titular nation of Myanmar, the Burmese, have fled their homes and were forced to seek asylum in refugee camps, extra established Myanmar military.

The text of the statement, the militants are called «Bengali terrorists». The document also mentioned their organization – the salvation Army of Arakan Rohingya (ASAR; Arakan – a traditional old name for Rakhine state).

«Confronting terrorism is an activity which is carried out in the General interests of the whole global family of Nations of the world, all international organizations, including the UN, and the fight against Bengali terrorists and their organization ASAR important for everyone,» reads the statement of the Committee of information office of the State adviser of Myanmar.

Rohingya (Rohingya) is an ethnic Bengali Muslims who were resettled in Arakan in the XIX – early XX century, British colonial authorities. With a total population of about half a million people currently, they make up the majority of the state’s population, but very few of that number are citizens of Myanmar. The official authorities and the Buddhist population consider the Rohingya illegal migrants from Bangladesh. The conflict between them and the indigenous «Arkanchi» Buddhists deep roots, but the escalation of this conflict to the armed conflict and humanitarian crisis began only after the transfer of power in Myanmar from military to civilian governments in 2011-2012.