Perm, the tax authorities require to recognize the bankruptcy of the owner «the Lame horse»

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Perm regional inspection FNS of Russia has submitted to arbitration court of the Perm edge the statement which requires to recognize the bankruptcy of the person convicted and who is serving in a colony of a punishment burnt the night club «Lame horse» Anatoly Zak, follows from the information in the files of arbitration cases.

The statement submitted to arbitration on 22 August. It says that the debt of Zack’s taxes and obligatory payments is about 37 million roubles, and the debt is not repaid over three months, which is the basis for recognition of the debtor insolvent. The court upheld the statement of on without movement until 22 September, since the tax authorities had not provided proof of sending copies of statements to the debtor.

In addition, the court to establish the jurisdiction of the bankruptcy case Zack was sent to the bodies of internal Affairs request on the actual place of registration of the debtor at the present time.

A fire in club «Lame horse» became the largest on number of victims in post-Soviet Russia. It took place on December 5, 2009 and claimed the lives of 156 people, dozens of people were injured, some of them was disabled. Zach in April 2013 was sentenced to 9 years and 10 months imprisonment. In addition, the court ordered Zak to compensate the victims for moral and material harm.

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