Russia and China may sign an agreement on cooperation in space until 2022

© NASA / Jack FischerВид on the Ground. Archival photoRussia and China may sign an agreement on cooperation in space until 2022© NASA / Jack Fischer

Russia and China in October this year, plan to sign an agreement on joint space exploration in the period from 2018 to 2022, reports channel CGTN.

The TV channel notes that the agreement will bring significant benefits to both countries, especially in the field of lunar programs and the re-landing of man on the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth.

The future of the agreement covers five areas, including the exploration of the moon and deep space, the development of special materials, cooperation in the field of satellite systems, remote sensing, search the wreckage of a spacecraft.

This is not the first agreement on space cooperation between the two countries, however, it will be the first agreement covering a period of five years, which will allow you to set and successfully achieve more ambitious goals.

Earlier the Director of Department of international cooperation China national space administration (CNSA), Xu Yansun told RIA Novosti that China and Russia are discussing the possibility of cooperation in projects to study the moon.

He said that the Chinese mission «Chang’e-4 and Chang’e-5», «Chang’e-6» and Russian «Luna-26», «Luna-27», «Luna-28» is very similar, so cooperation between the two countries would make significant progress in the implementation of projects.

Chinese program sensing of the moon, «Chang’e» includes three stages: flyby around Earth satellite («Chang’e-1 and Chang’e-2»), landing on the moon («Chang’e-3 and Chang’e-4») and returning from the moon to the Earth («Chang’e-5 and Chang’e-6»).