Sociologists have found the attitude of Russians towards family life

© Fotolia / Marco TiberioБракосочетание. Archival photoSociologists have found the attitude of Russians towards family life© Fotolia / Marco Tiberio

The majority of Russians (78%) believe that it is preferable to marry and live in family, according to a survey by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).

According to published data, 12% of respondents believe the most preferable to live with a family without registration of the relationship. Said that should not marry and to live alone 5%, and 1% consider as the most preferable to enter into a sham marriage and live alone.

Talking about the most appropriate age for marriage age, the Russians said that for men it is 27 years. It is noteworthy that the most suitable age for marriage for men and women called 28 years, and men — 26. According to VTSIOM, the best age for marriage for women is 23 years: according to men, a woman should marry at 21, the most preferable age for wedding women called 25 years.

The initiative Russian opinion «polls-Sputnik» held on 9-10 August 2017 among 1,200 respondents older than 18 years. The survey was conducted by telephone interview. The maximum size of the error does not exceed 3.5%.