The cinema Fund: summer camp foreign films is very low this year

© Fotolia / nyulЗрители in the cinema. Archival photoThe cinema Fund: summer camp foreign films is very low this year© Fotolia / nyul

Box office foreign films in the Russian hire this summer at risk of becoming the lowest for the past three years, amounting to 10.4 billion roubles 11.6 billion in 2016, reported the press service of the cinema Fund on Monday.

Previously, the newspaper «Kommersant» reported that in the summer of 2017 in the Russian hire there was only one profitable picture — Comedy «Grandma easy virtue.» The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky called last season «a failure» due to poor promotion of films before release. According to the publication, from the beginning of the year paid off only four Russian films — «Gravity», «denied», «the Bride and Grandmother of easy virtue.»

«In the summer of 2017 in rolling out 79 foreign films, 60 in 2015, 64 in 2016. However, cash collections of paintings by foreign production risk to be the lowest in the last three years. This summer, they amounted to 10.4 billion rubles as of August 28, 11,6 billion rubles — in 2016, $ 10.5 billion rubles — in 2015», — said the press service.

Thus, the Fund said that domestic cinema in the summer months is traditionally low rates due to the significant number of Hollywood blockbusters. At the same time, the share of Russian cinema fee amounted to 4.8% of the total market fees, and fees of the Russian cinema during the summer of 2017 will amount to about 550 million rubles.

«For comparison, last record for a Russian movie year the share was equal to only 2.2%. In the summer months of 2017 domestic films attracted to the cinema of the country of 2.4 million viewers, which is almost two times more than the same period in 2016 (1.3 million people),» — said the press service.