The Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft law on the prohibition of trafficking «dry alcohol»

© Fotolia / Aleksei LazukovРастворяемый powder. Archival photoThe Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft law on the prohibition of trafficking «dry alcohol»© Fotolia / Aleksei Lazukov

The RF government Commission on legislative activities approved a bill banning the production and circulation of «dry alcohol», according to the government website.

A project developed by CPS, in particular, it is proposed to amend the law on state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, adding to it the concept of «alcohol-containing products in dry form,» as well as to establish a ban on the production and trafficking of these products.

In addition, the government Commission approved a document on the introduction of administrative fines for such violation in the amount of 200 to 500 thousand rubles for legal entities, from 20 to 50 thousand — for officials and from 5 to 20 thousand rubles for ordinary citizens.

«One of the main risks associated with the emergence of powdered alcohol products in the sale of the population of Russia, is the lack of uniqueness of its use as the basis for the production of low-alcohol cocktails. Dosage and method of use of powdered alcohol products can be changed by the user, regardless of the manufacturer’s recommendations», — stated in the help document.

In November last year, the Ministry of economic development welcomed the bill but noted that in order for the project has not imposed excessive restrictions, you must make it a lookup definition. The MAYOR felt that there is a risk of the spread of the concept of «powdered alcohol-containing products,» in cosmetic products such as tooth powder, blush or dry perfume which includes fragrance, representing an alcoholic solution of aromatic substances and ethanol.

«Dry alcohol» — powder encapsulated alcohol that when mixed with water to form an alcoholic beverage. Attempts to sell powdered alcohol has been made in Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. In 2014, the company Lipsmark declared intention to sell in the U.S. «alcohol powder» under the brand name Palcohol.