The court will consider the investigation request to extend the arrest of the father of Colonel Zakharchenko

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in photobacteria Zakharchenko in the Basmanny court of Moscow. Archival photoThe court will consider the investigation request to extend the arrest of the father of Colonel Zakharchenko© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

Basmanny court of Moscow on Monday will consider the petition of the investigation on the extension until 30 November of the arrest of the father of the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko, Viktor, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the court Juno Tsarev.

«The court received the petition of a consequence about prolongation Viktor Zakharchenko the term of arrest for another three months — until November 30,» said the spokesman.

Victor Zakharchenko is charged with two episodes of complicity in the embezzlement of money of the Bank «Moscow mortgage Agency» (MIA) — he allegedly had been fictitiously employed in the Bank and during that time managed to get a salary of 4 million rubles.

As accomplices in the case are two former Chairman of the Board MIA-Bank — Vladimir and Sergei Korovkin Mushroom, in which a credit institution has worked Zakharchenko senior. Korovkin and Zakharchenko, Sr. in detention, after the interrogation, the Fungus disappeared. In early June, the father of the Colonel of the interior Ministry Zakharchenko returned to the Bank 4 million, which the financial institution is paid to him as salary and which the consequence considers as a bribe.

Zakharchenko, Jr. was arrested in September last year on charges of receiving a bribe in seven millions roubles. Two more episodes he was charged on February 22 after the transfer of his case in the RF IC. When they searched the sister’s Zakharchenko had found a warehouse with almost 9 billions of rubles in different currencies. The origin of the money he could not explain.