The expert explained, a small number of recoup in the summer Russian films

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in photobacteria in the cinema. Archival photoThe expert explained, a small number of recoup in the summer Russian films© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

A small number of Russian films recoup this summer, because summer at the box office in Russia traditionally is considered low; however, we talk about payback only on the basis of the fees in the cinema incorrectly, said to RIA Novosti salgareda portal Covia Evgeny Volodin.

Previously, the newspaper «Kommersant» reported that in the summer of 2017 profitable picture in the Russian hire there was only one Comedy, «the Grandmother of easy virtue.» The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky called last season «a disaster» because of the weak to promote movies before the release. According to the publication, from the beginning of the year paid off only four Russian films — «Gravity» Comedy «- denied», horror, «the Bride and Grandmother of easy virtue.»

«In America, summer is the season of blockbusters, we are all exactly the opposite: in summer, people don’t rush to the cinema and try to go somewhere, and this year we have half of the summer was not at all in the second half, everybody was trying to catch up. In summer the Russian producers are trying anything serious that could raise money, keep saving movies to the beginning of the school year, on school holidays. The main fight for the hire — at the beginning of January,» — said Volodin.

According to Volodin, from the beginning of the year in the Russian hire, in particular, paid off the movies «Gravity», «Tree 5», the animated film «Three heroes and the king of the Sea» and «the Grandmother of easy virtue.» He noted that currently it is difficult to determine paid off or not, because, apart from in the theaters filmmakers have other sources of income.

«The problem is that half of the Russian films we have no accurate data on the budget, the producers usually hide them carefully. We have always believed that the film has paid off, if it collected more than its production budget in half. Now the marketing budget is often approaching to production and say «paid off», not «paid off» is not entirely correct. In addition to the cinema we have so many other platforms on which films make money — selling video, display in other countries, broadcast on television, the proceeds of which neither the producer will not advertise, our economy is such,» he added.