The expert explained modest fees for Russian films

© RIA Novosti / Artem Itinitially in the cinema. Archival photoThe expert explained modest fees for Russian films© RIA Novosti / Artem Zhitenev

Low box office receipts of Russian films in the summer due to the fact that Russian filmmakers are afraid of competition with foreign blockbusters, and therefore does not risk releasing their films during this time, reported RIA Novosti on Monday a specialist company Movie Research Alexander Luzhin.

Previously, the newspaper «Kommersant» reported that in the summer of 2017 in the Russian hire there was only one profitable picture — Comedy «Grandma easy virtue.» The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky called last season «a failure» due to poor promotion of films before release. According to the publication, from the beginning of the year paid off only four Russian films — «Gravity», «denied», «the Bride and Grandmother of easy virtue.»

«Summer is traditionally a period of big American blockbusters. So historically, in the U.S. and worldwide in this period is a large number of strong films that get a good charge. Therefore, the Russian film-makers are usually afraid to display their films, which have good commercial prospects in theaters during this period because they face tough competition from American blockbusters,» said Luzhin.

According to him, if you look at the data last year, you can see that over the summer period as this year, films that could potentially collect a large audience, not out. So, three movies that came out summer last year, has collected more than 40 million rubles is «Diggers», «Sparta» and «Breakfast with the Pope».

«But these indicators are very small fees, even for Russian cinema. Fees «Grandma easy virtue» we can say fairly good, because our films traditionally do not go in this period, and those that go to pack especially not expect», — said the Agency interlocutor.

However, he added that to say that Russian cinema is in minor condition, not quite right.» Russian cinema has been developed and its indicators, as noted repeatedly, this year is quite good, they even a little ahead of last year’s figures. In principle, it is hoped that this year will be positive from the point of view of results for Russian cinema», — the expert added.