The head of the contractor company conditionally condemned in the «case of restorers»

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. Archival photoThe head of the contractor company conditionally condemned in the «case of restorers»© Fotolia / sebra

Kuibyshev district court of St. Petersburg on Monday was sentenced to 4.5 years of probation Director of the company «Baltstroy» Dmitry Sergeyev in the framework of «the works of the restorers», the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

After the verdict Sergeev will be released, decided by the judge Julia Trofimova.

«To appoint Sergeyev punished with imprisonment for a term of four years and six months with a fine of 800 thousand rubles… punishment is considered conditional with a trial period in four years», — declared the judge.

Sergeyev admitted his guilt to three counts of theft of money allocated from the budget for restoration of objects of cultural heritage of Russia. It was, in particular, on the restoration of the Pskov drama theatre, the estates of the manufacturer Aseev in Tambov and the Novodevichy convent in Moscow.

The case was heard in a special manner, that is, whatever the outcome, the defendant could not receive more than 2/3 of the maximum punishment. The Prosecutor’s office asked to appoint Sergeyev five years in a General regime colony.

Prosecutor in the debate said that Sergeev has fully complied with the conditions of pre-trial agreement on cooperation with the investigation, which had completely exposed the other participants of theft.

The lawyer recalled that the total damage in the «case of restorers» to 164 million rubles in damages on three counts involving Sergeeva amounted to little more than 71 million rubles, of which it received 11 million rubles, which he was one of the first offset.

He Sergeyev said the last word that has agreed to participate in the criminal scheme in order to secure your company work.