The head of «VTB 24» was asked to lead the Bank «Opening», write media

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase in fotobanka Opening. Archival photoThe head of «VTB 24» was asked to lead the Bank «Opening», write media© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

The head of the Bank «VTB 24» Mikhail Zadornov received the offer to head «Otkrytie», the newspaper «Kommersant», citing sources close to the Bank and VTB group.

As told by one of interlocutors of the edition, the history initiated by the Central Bank. Zadornov is intended to act as a crisis Manager, to lead the process to restore the financial position of the Bank. His decision Zadornov has promised to announce next week, said a source close to VTB group. The press service of «Otkrytie», the Zadornov and Central Bank does not comment on this information.

«Mikhail Zadornov did not leave the VTB group, moreover, the Supervisory Council of VTB, which will be held on Monday, would consider his election as a member of the Board of Bank», — said the press service of VTB. According to the official version, after joining «VTB 24» Michael Zadornov will take the post of first Deputy Chairman of the management Board of VTB Bank.

Currently, the Bank «VTB 24» is in the process of merger with VTB. This question has been discussed since late 2014. In April, the head of VTB Andrey Kostin said that the merger of VTB and «VTB 24» will take place in January 2018, despite a «million challenges» that accompany such a major reorganization. According to him, the merger of the banks will allow VTB group to significantly reduce management costs and increase the level of control and synergy from the activities of assets of the second Bank of the Russian Federation.

If in VTB 24’s Zadornov was full head, the head of VTB will be only one of three first Deputy chairmen of the Board, said one of the interlocutors of the newspaper, close to the «VTB 24». In addition, Zadornov, VTB plays the role of the curator operating, financial and personnel matters, while he always managed the business.

In Bank «Opening» Zadornov serves as Chairman of the Board. Now it is Eugene Dankevich, contact which publication failed. «FC Opening» before Zadornov would stand up very ambitious goals. This is one of the largest private banks, which is in a precarious position, experts say.

The OTKRITIE Bank was formed through the integration of more than 10 banks of various sizes. Customer base the combined Bank has more than 30 thousand corporate clients, 165 thousand small business customers and about 3.2 million individuals. the Key shareholder of the Bank is «OTKRITIE holding», which owns 66,64% of the voting shares. Beneficiaries «the Opening of the Holding» are: Vadim Belyaev, the group «IFD Kapital», VTB Bank, ICT group, as well as Ruben Aganbegyan and Aleksandr Mamut. Part of the Bank’s shares in free float on the Moscow exchange. According to RIA Rating, on July 1, «FC Opening» took 6th place in the list of Russian banks by size of assets.