The interdepartmental Commission will establish the cause of the fire in Krasnoyarsk

© RUPTLYСкорая assistance from nursing home Pearl in Krasnoyarsk. 28 August 2017The interdepartmental Commission will establish the cause of the fire in Krasnoyarsk© RUPTLY

The interdepartmental Commission will examine the situation with a fire in a private house in Krasnoyarsk, where was the care of elderly citizens, the press service of the Governor and the government of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

A nursing home on the street in Krasnoyarsk Aircraft caught fire Monday, the fire spread over an area of 200 square meters. Currently, the fire is extinguished, the rubble and pouring. The house roof is partially collapsed, the wooden facade is also partly burned. The investigation reported that the fire killed three people. A criminal case on the provision of services not meeting safety requirements. At the scene investigators work are assigned to the necessary expertise. Police are interviewing residents of the adjacent plot.

«By order of the Governor of region Victor Tolokonsky has established an interagency Commission which will look into the situation with a fire in a private house, where services are available to take care of elderly citizens», — said the press service.

The issue with the placement of the evacuated elderly people solved: the 26 people sent to the regional institutions of social protection «Veteran» and «Sunny» and municipal institution «Rodnik». Seven people were taken away by relatives, another woman is in the burn center, said regional authorities.

Placed in social security institutions will be provided with food and proper medical care. «We will find their relatives and provide necessary assistance. A special Commission will understand not only the causes of fire, but will make some other conclusions. You may need increased attention to such institutions by the police, law enforcement and Supervisory authorities. Such services should be provided in very secure conditions», — quotes the words Tolokonsky, the press service of the Governor.