The interior Ministry explained why police in the Stavropol territory «forbidden» to go to bars

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi in foobarcontroller police. Archival photoThe interior Ministry explained why police in the Stavropol territory «forbidden» to go to bars© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Odinakovymi the image Bank

The order, which,according to media reports, prohibits Stavropol police to attend bars on the weekends and go on holidays outside of the district in which they operate, is intended to increase the combat readiness of personnel. This was stated in the regional interior Ministry.

Unpreparedness for emergency situations

That the regional office of the Ministry of the interior issued order No. 656 «On additional measures to improve the level of combat readiness and strengthening of service discipline», it was announced today. According to media reports, the police themselves asked for document a complaint with the Prosecutor General’s office.

In the provincial Chapter, commenting on the order, said that in the course of liquidation of consequences of flooding, which this spring has suffered the Stavropol region, it became clear that the personnel is not ready for operational collection and perform tasks in emergency situations.

«The order is aimed primarily at increasing the level of combat readiness of personnel to ensure anti-terrorist protection», — reported in Department.

A document developed by the commander in chief, have to help individually-educational work among police officers, said in the Chapter. However, a number of points, as explained in the interior Ministry refers to «briefings on rules of conduct in everyday life and does not establish additional rights and obligations of employees of bodies of internal Affairs of edge.»

However, the interior Ministry said that taking into account the recommendations of the Ministry of internal Affairs the order correct in those matters which relate to the departure of the police.

Flooding in the Stavropol region

The flood in the Stavropol territory in late may caused a record for half a century the rain. Because of the threat of dam on Otkaznenskoe reservoir were evacuated 35 thousand people.

From the disaster suffered in the region 28 settlements. More than 2 thousand houses, inhabited by more than 6.6 thousand people were flooded.

The ban on travel abroad

In April 2017 the Ministry of internal Affairs supported the bill, which limits the right of police to travel abroad. Deputy interior Minister Igor Zubov said that the same restrictions apply to the FSB. «The interior Ministry, the question was not solved, so from a formal point of view, such a legal ban today,» he said.

The bill introduced in the state Duma in 2015, Dmitry Nosov, who was then the Deputy from LDPR. However, the party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky called the document an unnecessary, untimely and promised to withdraw it. He also explained that the noses of these initiatives was expelled from the party.