The Ministry of culture has proposed measures to support the Russian cinema

© Ilya Italicisation. Archival photoThe Ministry of culture has proposed measures to support the Russian cinema© Ilya Pitalev

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation proposes to create a special reserve for the development of cinema, in particular, for the purposes of production and distribution of Russian films, it follows from the text of the bill posted on the portal of legal information.

According to the document, «special reserve funds to the development of cinematography» is created in order to support the production and distribution of national films, including for financial security and (or) compensation of expenses related to producing and distributing national films. While the reserve will be formed with the help of special contributions in the amount of five million rubles for the release of the movie was released (over 100 sessions). At the same time the person does not pay this deduction, would have made him subject to fines of 1% of the outstanding amount.

The material States that the reserve shall be authorized to the government of the Russian Federation non-profit organization. In this organization it is proposed to establish a Supervisory Board, which will monitor the activities on formation of a reserve and spending.

Earlier, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the Ministry plans to introduce a fee for the release of the movie in hire for all films, both foreign and domestic. However, on the idea of the Ministry, the last of these means the state will have to return. In the published bill is a mechanism for the return of money does not provided.