The Ministry of health called the optimum value of vodka

© RIA Novosti / Michael Microchimeric in photobymarcgolub Department. Archival photoThe Ministry of health called the optimum value of vodka© RIA Novosti / Michael Microchimeric the image Bank

The Ministry of health of the Russian Federation proposed to increase the cost of spirits with alcohol content of over nine per cent to reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages, reports the newspaper «Izvestia».

The Ministry said that the strong alcohol needs to go up faster than inflation. In this case, as suggested by the Ministry of health, the Russians will be less to consume drinks with high alcohol content.

«The increase in excise taxes is the most effective method of reducing alcohol consumption. At sturdy products, including vodka, the tax rate needs to rise faster than inflation, that alcohol has become less affordable than low — alcohol products,» — told «Izvestia» in the office.

Today the minimum cost of half-liter bottles of vodka is 205 rubles, but the Ministry of health believes that the optimal price of this bottle should be more than 300 rubles.

The newspaper notes that the Ministry sent to the Finance Ministry the proposal to raise the cost in 2018, but has not yet received a response.